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The Secret to Getting a 200% Return on Your Banner Ad Investments  

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As your probably well aware – mutual funds are not that great of a place to invest your money if you want to get a good return! Did you know that you can routinely get a 200% return on your money when you invest in banner ads? I want to show you exactly    먹튀폴리스   how I make this happen month after month and how you can too.

Secret #1:

You must start thinking about banner ads as a way to invest in your business verses an expense that you have to endure. What I mean by this is, you must see banner ads as a way to invest $1 and get as much as $4 back in new income.

If you think like that, then the $300 banner ad your looking at getting is not that expensive anymore. The problem is, most business owners are scared of investing in advertising because they think they might lose money.

The fact is, you can actually make a lot of money by investing a small amount in banner ads! I get as much as a 400% return on my banner ad investments. And you have to remember – that is monthly! Not yearly like other investments.

Secret #2:

You have to test everything. This is the key to success with banner advertising! If your going to run an ad on a site and you find that your getting 200 visitors a month from that ad, then you need to test different versions of that ad to see if you can increase that.

Even if you only increase it by 30%, that is still an extra 60 clicks for just testing a new version.


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