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Struggle Or Flight – Or, Freeze – Or, Fusion

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For eons, the human organism has been honed and perfected to respond properly and appropriately to any perceived sense of threat or assault. In fashionable language, this efficient and suitable reaction is known as the ‘battle or flight response.’ In lay terms, Because of this whenever we really feel threatened or attacked, our very first line of protection is generally to both struggle back again, or run. We’ve likely professional this at a while in our life. Our struggle reaction, nevertheless, can be hampered with the conditioning of our upbringing and our society. Obtaining been taught that battling is Improper, we may possibly get annoyed, indignant or irritable. We may perhaps combat in refined means like passive intense behaviors or in not so subtle approaches by throwing out language intended to hurt and damage the other individual. We may become full of worry and nervousness and that is then expressed outwardly to Many others in a battle-like sample of actions. There is often many ways to combat back again. The flight reaction is usually much more common, safer, and persistently viewed as the wiser. When a child is bullied in school, prevailing knowledge implies the child go away, and that is, essentially, the flight response.

The battle or flight reaction can occur promptly. But, there is yet another Original and very quick response which is a precursor towards the combat or flight reaction and that’s the freeze reaction. With the really fast of a perceived risk or attack, You will find a minute, or at times for a longer time, where we’re frozen; inside a gentle and short-term state of shock. Much like the proverbial deer in the headlights, we are immobilized. It’s only following that Original freezing of believed and motion that we then choose up the struggle or flight response. It is during the transition from this momentary freezing into the struggle or flight response that we pick which class of motion to choose, possibly to fight back again, in any range of Cost to Travel approaches, overtly or covertly, or to escape, to run, to flee, to take flight. Throughout that at any time so temporary second of choice generating, a huge number of calculation takes put. A fancy set of equations and cost benefit Assessment normally takes place determining which course of action would produce essentially the most valuable and successful consequence supplied the assets and capacities accessible at time.

Fight or flight is often a somewhat primitive reaction to some perceived risk or attack. Its effectiveness, nevertheless, cannot be argued considering the fact that that extremely response has served to perpetuate the species by all sorts of dangers in the ages. There is another, more Superior, extra developed, reaction into a perceived, or real, threat or attack, identified as Fusion. Fusion is actually the de-fusing of a threat or an assault by joining forces with it, by united with it, by fusing with it. Among the critical ingredients inside of a perceived risk or assault is opposing forces. There should be an attacker along with a target, a hunter and prey. But, Imagine if the sufferer vanishes, or maybe the prey gets invisible? Let’s say the bully Rapidly finds There’s no person there? This gets to be kin to the Zen koan ‘what’s the hand of 1 hand clapping?’ If there could possibly be a method of getting rid of this perceived feeling of opposition, of duality, of conflict, then any feeling of risk or attack would evaporate like ice turning into steam and merging with atmosphere.

The vital Think about fusion is perception. If, as is usually mentioned, notion is truth, then fusion arrives about with the notion of the truth in which the self is not at all threatened. And, the query then need to come up, what is the self that it could, or are not able to, itself, be threatened. It is the asking, and answering, of the problem which makes fusion a far more Highly developed, extra progressed, response to your perceived menace or attack. It involves an comprehension of self like a conception, a fabrication, a mental build, with not considerable foundation. The self is developed up completely by way of interactions and has no independent standing it could connect with its very own. And, that that has no unbiased position, that which needs interaction and connection for its really basis, cannot be threatened or attacked, no more than interaction and relationship in general can be ruined. Granted, it is a relatively philosophical, metaphysical and, maybe even spiritual, orientation. But, then so is fusion like a response to your perceived threat or assault. And, how does one particular implement this reaction? Poets and mystics have expressed The concept normally…..however simplicity by itself, Probably the most challenging to achieve…the staying at one particular with the situation, the merging of the individual with The full, the surrender of your self towards the universal…..the fusion of your I into your We.

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